An Outright Solution for Streamlined Email Marketing

[Image: Email Marketing]

Email Marketing

Pre-built Email templates, Smart admin dashboard, rationalized list management and sharp insights to deliver a solid email marketing experience. Integrated a multitude of attributes to ensure premium standard.

[Image: Automation Mailing]

Automation Mailing

Re-engage and send follow-up emails to a specifically defined audience. Take advantage of our automation tool and bring the best out of your campaigns. Analyse the user’s actions, utilize workflows and autoresponders and set up trigger emails.

[Image: Landing Page]

Landing Page

Quickly develop and publish effective landing pages that improve your rate of conversion. Build optimized web pages whenever you want and make it completely effortless for customers to access your products or services.

[Image: Mail Retargeting]

Web form embedding

Create and publish optimized webforms effortlessly by Utilizing rayzz email marketing platform. Integrate the subscription forms into your website to get much clarity on user-related information and insights.

[Image: Real Time Tracking]

Real Time Tracking

Get clear insights on user responses and actions. Learn who opens, or clicks your Email and shape your marketing campaigns according to the data received. Make sensible decisions by analyzing, and interpreting the information received.

[Image: Event Tracking]

Event Tracking

Analyse, refine and optimize your email marketing campaigns through reports and analytics. Track events such as visits or any custom events or actions. Understand what actions people are taking and frame your campaigns with respect to that.